Jewelry Repair Services
  Repair Services Include:
      Ring Sizing       Ring Soldering     Prong Retipping
      Stone Setting            Stone Replacement    Chain Soldering
      Pearl Restringing     Ring Re-shanking       Custom Ring Design
      Rhodium Plating

        Ring Cleaning, Inspection, and Polishing:  FREE!

  Watch Repair
On-site battery changing (for most watches)
Watch band adjustments       Replacement bands
Cleaning and Overhauls         Pin Replacements

Is your jewelry insured?  At The Jewelers Edge, we can provide you with a        descriptive appraisal for you and your insurance company. Insure your jewelry       before it's too late. It is recommended to have your appraisal updated every          seven to ten years.

  How Long Does a Repair Take?
  Because our work load varies, our turn-around time is generally 2 weeks, but        can be up to four weeks. Watch repair is 3-4 weeks.
         416 Oak Street      Downtown Baraboo      WI, 53913