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14k white gold .50cttw lab grown diamond stud earrings

14k white gold .50cttw round brilliant lab grown diamond stud earrings. The diamonds are set in a 14K white gold four prong setting with friction backs.  Diamonds are H in color and VS1 or VS2 in clarity $885.00 ***Understanding the difference between Lab grown diamonds and natural mined diamonds is important in helping you make the correct investment for you. Lab grown diamonds are grown in a laboratory in about six weeks. Natural mined diamonds are born from the earth and can take millions of years to form. So by chemistry, both lab and natural diamonds are diamonds. Their properties or chemical composition are the same. The difference is origin or where the diamond was born. Because technology gives us the upper hand with lab grown costs, lab growns are quite a bit less expensive then natural mined diamonds.  Lab grown diamonds are marked on their girdle edge as being lab grown