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18 Inch Agaric Mushroom Charm Necklace: Sterling Silver

Stock your shop with 18 inch agaric mushroom charm necklaces. The details are truly delightful. Makes a great gift for avid readers, and imaginative creatives in your customer base. Cultures the world over have discovered the magical healing properties of mushrooms, and revere them as spirit medicine. They promote longevity, vitality, and healing. Any one studying herbal medicines, culinary students, and mushroom hunters would appreciate finding a mushroom charm in your shop. The charm measures 15x13mm, excluding jumprings. Gold tone version comes with bronze charm on Gold filled chain. · Available in Sterling Silver & Bronze •Lipped necklace cards will come free with every order. Please note that necklaces will not be pre-carded. · Bronze oxidizes naturally over time.  Moisture under rings can accelerate the process and cause skin discoloration. We recommend removing bronze rings when washing hands and showering.