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18 Inch Hanging Bat Necklace: Sterling Silver

Flaunt your darker side with 18 inch hanging bat charm necklaces. Be sure to stock this bat necklace in your shop around Halloween! With her wings wrapped around herself like a cloak, this little bat is taking a long deserved rest. These bats are lovely from all sides - the ribbed wings wrap from front to back, and she has a sweet face with a long nose and pointy ears. Due to their keen senses, bats symbolize intuition, dreams, and visions to many cultures. And, though not known for their charm & warmth, bats are very nurturing, exhibit verbal communication, touching, and sensitivity to members of their group. The charm measures 19x8mm, excluding jumprings. Gold tone version comes with bronze charm on Gold filled chain. •Made from Recycled Silver. • Available in Sterling Silver & Bronze •Lipped necklace cards will come free with every order. Please note that necklaces will not be pre-carded. •Bronze oxidizes naturally over time.  Moisture under rings can accelerate the process.